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TekShire develops mobile software. Originally we started with Android development, but have now moved on to cross platform work. When we do not have a contract to fulfill, we continue to create our own product line which is high-lighted on this web site.

The core team has a couple decades worth of experience working on development tools at Apple. Then we moved on to developing Eclipse based tools for the series of Palm based companies as they tried to produce a Linux based mobile device. Unfortunately, the Apple iPhone came along and blew us out of the water. Given that Android also survived and was Linux based, we moved development there. Turns out that Android has masked out the Linux underpinnings. However, as tool makers, we have been delighted at the progress that Google has made with Android Studio. We have also been impressed with the Material Design based UI and compatibility libs that they have maintained to keep apps working across the plethora of Android devices. Our Android shelf contains Motorola and Samsung phones, ASUS tablets, as well as a couple of iterations of the Pixel. However, the main phone in our pockets is an iPhone. This is basically due to Apple having one app that is patently better than its Android rival: the Phone app. Visual Voicemail is a separate app on Android not nearly as well integrated as it is on Apple.

The answer then had to be that we would develop cross-platform solutions. Based on history of creating games stretching back to Atari, i began to work at an English company, Marmalade, that provided a cross platform environment for developing games in C++. When virtually the entire American team was made redundant, i began to focus on the development environment of our major competitor, Unity. I am now using that to develop games in C# (described by a friend as "What Java should have been.") Having also done a stint working on OpenGL-ES, i intend to grow these games into versions using virtual reality.